Labour crisis: Corbyn humiliated as anti-Brexit vow sparks angry Twitter row – ‘Betrayal!’

Labour crisis: Corbyn humiliated as anti-Brexit vow sparks angry Twitter row – ‘Betrayal!’

Mr Corbyn received a tirade of assaults on him and his party after sharing the article on the social media site. Writing in the Guardian, Mr Corbyn claimed Labour would stop at nothing to prevent a no deal Brexit and once that had happened he would support a general election. He tweeted his article, along with the caption: “Labour will stop a No Deal Brexit, deliver a public vote and put power back into the hands of the people.”

His post was met with waves of angry social media users who used it as a platform to heavily criticise Mr Corbyn and Labour.

Many Twitter users expressed their distaste in Mr Corbyn’s stance on Brexit, claiming it was a ‘betrayal’ of the 2016 referendum.

One Twitter user, @Stephen525414, said: “The people thought they had the power in our hands after 2016 vote, but you, SNP and Liberal Doomacrats destroyed that, so excuse me for not believing you.”

Another said: “Labour will basically betray the electorate, frustrate Brexit and deliver only misery for tax payers.”

Hope Springs replied to the leader of the Labour Party, asking Mr Corbyn: “And what will you do if we don’t vote the right way again?“

Stephen Aldred wrote on Twitter: “It’s been put in the hands of the people, you gave us the referendum, you were supposed to implement it, that is democracy.

“You have divided this country like never before, you will suffer badly at the next general election, Parliament are a laughing stock to the world.”

Another angry Twitter user replied to Mr Corbyn, they said: “You have thrown away your principles, man.”

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San Santham pointed out a general election was “the ultimate People’s Vote”.

One Twitter user told Mr Corbyn to have an election, they followed their post up with a chicken emoji.

Jim Kerr responded to Mr Corbyn claiming Labour “banged on” about having a general election but “chickened out” when offered one by Boris Johnson.

He added: “Let’s have a General Election Jeremy, have it now let the electorate have their say or are afraid you will lose and labour will be wiped out.”

Katika Vivuli wrote: “But you have refused two general elections for us to do that! you only want the people to vote when it suits you!!”

Despite the savage attacks aimed at Mr Corbyn, many Remainers and supporters of the party leader tweeted their support to him.

Michael Plant responded to one of the rabble members on Twitter claiming the leave campaign was “doused in misinformation”.

He added: “Don’t you want to be fair and democratic and allow the UK to make an informed decision?”

@sophie_jarviss tweeted Mr Corbyn saying: “Just stop Brexit! Stop it! Make it go away!

Another Tweeted: “With you all the way JC!

“Democracy has always been your watch word and democracy will heal this country.”

Melanie Outrider added: “Go Jezza! You’ve had the most intelligent and sensible strategy from the start.”

Published at Tue, 17 Sep 2019 23:02:00 +0000