Labour crisis: Thornberry’s ‘thank you’ leadership post backfires in brutal Twitterstorm

Labour crisis: Thornberry’s ‘thank you’ leadership post backfires in brutal Twitterstorm

The Labour leadership race is now fully underway as the deadline for MPs to vote for their favourite candidate to enter the next stage expired yesterday afternoon. Ms Thornberry, the MP for Islington South and Finsbury, managed to win the support of of enough MPs and MEPs at the last minute.

Taking to Twitter to thank those who voted for her, Ms Thornberry was quickly attacked and mocked by those who claim her not to be fit for the job.

Others scorned at her “sexist comment”.

The post read: “Thanks to my colleagues for their nominations. It’s wonderful to have four strong women going through to the next stage. I believe we’ll all contribute to an excellent debate so our members can choose who can best take Labour back into power #FightingBackTogether.”

It is the first time that statistically, a woman is more likely to win the leadership contest than a man – with no female ever holding the post of party leader.

One user was angered at Ms Thornberry’s attention being drawn to this aspect of the contest.

They wrote: “That is a sexist comment! Candidates should be considered without any reference to their sex, race or religion!”

Others were more personal in their attacks on the shadow Secretary of State, attempting to punch holes in her political prowess.

One wrote: “I have stronger cheese in my fridge – but not as smelly.”

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One user said: “Since when does an outside organisation and religious faction get to dictate what happens in the Labour Party? Where is the voice for Left Jewish people and Palestinians? NB this does not me AS to say so is libellous and defamatory.”

Another wrote: “I would have said well done but not after you kowtowed to BoD. No spine letting a minority religious group dictate labour policy. Shameful!”

The BoD wants the Labour Party to systematically adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition of anti-Semitism.

Mr Corbyn eventually adopted the definition last year, though after a long period in which the politician fervently opposed Israel’s actions against Palestine.

Although Ms Thornberry has vocally supported Palestine, she has previously committed herself to ridding the party of anti-Semitism, saying she would “just kick these scumbags out of our party”.

More recently, she lashed out at Mr Corbyn’s advisors, claiming they had “disgustingly” tried to remove condemnation of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel from the party’s 2019 manifesto.

Despite the pushback against her Tweet, there were signs of support.

One user said: “You so deserve to be a candidate!”

Another wrote: “Congratulations, Emily. It will be lovely to watch the campaign for leadership. It’s lovely to see four strong women in the leadership race.”

A separate user praised her apparent proven aptitude, and wrote: “I thought you were excellent on Pienaar’s Politics, Emily. Good luck and best wishes with your campaign.”

Labour’s new leader will be named on April 4.

Published at Tue, 14 Jan 2020 01:52:00 +0000