Labour humiliation: Jeremy Corbyn sparks Brexit outrage as party voters turn on leader

Labour humiliation: Jeremy Corbyn sparks Brexit outrage as party voters turn on leader

The leader of the Labour Party took to social media to reconfirm his decision not to back a snap poll. Writing on Twitter, Mr Corbyn said: “When no deal is off the table, we will back an election so this country can get a government that will: Properly fund our public services. Reduce grotesque poverty and inequality. Tackle the climate crisis with a Green Industrial Revolution.” Irate Twitter users responded to the Labour leaders post heavily criticising Mr Corbyn and his election stance.

Teddy Rex wrote to Mr Corbyn on the social media site, he posted: “Cowardly Labour. EU extension granted, no deal is off the table.

“Disgusts me as a lifelong Labour supporter. You promise government and yet run away.”

The disgruntled Twitter user outlined how his grandfather was a life-long Labour supporter.

He added: “He’d turn in his grave.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Here is the translation. ‘We’re trailing in the polls, we have no hope of winning a General Election, we will make excuses and change the goalposts forever.’”

One angry social media commented on Mr Corbyn’s post, he said: “Jog on Jezza.”

Many Twitter users highlighted their anger at Mr Corbyn’s current anti-election position.

One Twitter user wrote: “The country won’t forget your sabotage.”

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Amanda Westgate wrote: “Disgraceful. Leave won and we were told that if, after two years, we had not left with a deal, then we would be out on World Trade Organisation terms.

“Not to be trusted. You will be punished at the next election. Labour are finished.”

Other Twitter users felt Mr Corbyn was ignoring the public.

One social media user posted: “General Election Now. That’s what most people want! Stop prolonging it!”

Another wrote: “LET. PEOPLE. VOTE.”

Many other Twitter users accused Mr Corbyn of being scared of a general election, posting images of chickens with their tweets.

David Richards posted his chicken image on Twitter to Mr Corbyn, he wrote the caption: “You and Labour are just scared of being wiped out at the election.

“You cannot take na option away from the negotiating table as it gives out opponent the upper hand.

“But to be honest Jeremy you would never support any deal the government proposed.”

Published at Tue, 29 Oct 2019 00:01:00 +0000