Laura Kuenssberg condemns Boris after PMQs – ‘No cheerleaders so lawyer beats showman!’

Laura Kuenssberg condemns Boris after PMQs – ‘No cheerleaders so lawyer beats showman!’

The two party leaders squared off in PMQs today but according to the BBC journalist, the Prime Minister suffered from the lack of support from fellow Tory MPs in the Chamber. With the Government coming increased scrutiny for its handling of the crisis and the rising death toll, Laura declared the Labour leader’s forensic detail had defeated the Prime Minister today. In a tweet, she said: “Like last week, Johnson suffers when he doesn’t have rowdy backbench cheerleaders behind him. 

“The lawyer beating the showman hands down this week.”

The clash between the pair comes as a YouGov poll of 1,674 adults from May9-10 evaluated the public opinion of Sir Keir. 

Four in 10 said the Labour leader had done “very well” while just 17 percent stated he had performed “very badly” or “fairly badly”. 

During the session, Sir Keir questioned the Prime Minister on a range of issues relating to the current coronavirus pandemic. 


Chiefly among Sir Keir’s questions, was why the Government did not use a slide which compared the UK’s deaths with the rest of the world. 

Since the beginning of the Government briefing, Sir Keir stated the chart was continually used in order to give the public a good idea of the pandemic. 

Sir Keir said: “Yesterday the overall figures given at the press conference for those that had died from COVID-19 was 32,692. Each one a tragedy.

“For many weeks the UK has been compared to other countries. 

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The Labour also questioned Mr Johnson on the number of excess deaths in care homes in April. 

He said: “The ONS records the average number of deaths in care homes each month. The last five years the average for April has been just over 8,000.

“This year the number of deaths in care homes for April was a staggering 26,000 – that’s three times the average – 18,000 additional deaths this April.

“Using the Government’s figures only 8,000 are recorded as COVID deaths, that leaves 10,000 additional and unexplained care home deaths this April.”

However, in response, Mr Johnson insisted the country was going through a once in a lifetime virus. 

At the time of writing, the UK has registered 226,463 cases of COVID-19. 

There have also been 32,692 deaths in the UK.

This comes amid the easing of certain regulations in England, such as being able to exercise multiple times a day or being able to see one person from outside their household. 

Published at Wed, 13 May 2020 11:22:00 +0000