Laura Tobin leaves GMB co-stars in turmoil as she announces exit: ‘Very upsetting!’

Laura Tobin leaves GMB co-stars in turmoil as she announces exit: ‘Very upsetting!’

Laura, 38, was on hand to present Wednesday’s weather forecast on Good Morning Britain, joining Kate Garraway, 53, and Adil Ray, 46, in ITV’s studio two. In another studio, Andi Peters, 50, was getting ready to host proceedings on chat show Lorraine and towards the end of the breakfast-time programme, he spoke with his colleagues about what was coming up. With the UK set to be gripped by stormy weather over the next 24 hours, he revealed he would be speaking with the meteorologist on the show, hence a departure from her usual role on GMB.

“Our very own Laura Tobin is going to pop next door and join me to reveal exactly what’s going on with the weather,” Andi explained.

“Laura, it’s bonkers,” he added, to which Kate replied in shock at the announcement: “Are you stealing Laura?”

The weather presenter commented: “Yes, I can’t wait – I’m very excited. I just had a rehearsal and it didn’t go quite to plan.

“Let’s hope it does later,” she continued, to which the GMB host remarked: “Okay. This is sounding very exciting.

“Why are you stealing Laura?” she asked her colleague in the other studio, to which he added he thought Laura was “brilliant” in her new role.

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Andi said: “I think you’ll find Laura, that was a walkthrough. It’s not a rehearsal because it’s all spontaneous.

“It went very well in our books at least,” he added, to which Kate joked: “Laura, I’m sensing you might not be back.

“It’s upsetting already,” she remarked, to which the Lorraine host quipped: “Decommission Laura’s pass.

“She can’t enter studio two any more – you’re not welcome,” he continued, to which the GMB host commented: “She’s bought a brand new dress just for you Andi, she told me this morning.”


The forecaster explained some countries, like China, have had some of the clearest air they’ve had in over 25 years.

London’s own carbon emission level also dropped, but on the flip side, she explained the use of face masks and plastic gloves is a cause for concern.

Laura explained the British public should expect more summers like this as the climate continues to change.

Speaking during one of her forecasts, the presenter explained temperatures would start at above average for this time of year from today.

However, by next Tuesday, the south is likely to see below average temperatures of 18 degrees celsius with the north hitting highs of 14 degrees celsius.

There will also be rain almost everyday until next Wednesday, with the summer heatwave soon becoming a distant memory.

Taking to Twitter, viewers of the show commented on the forecaster’s continuing appearance on the show.

One wrote on the social media platform: “Love Laura’s info,” with a second added: “Give Laura more air time she is more interesting than all the GMB presenters put together.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

Published at Wed, 19 Aug 2020 08:32:00 +0000