Lewis Hamilton in Black Lives Matter plea as protests mirror Martin Luther King’s movement

Lewis Hamilton in Black Lives Matter plea as protests mirror Martin Luther King’s movement

Lewis Hamilton says civil rights activists are still fighting the same battle Martin Luther King faced in 20th century America. The F1 star is championing the Black Lives Matter movement and has pointed the finger at those people opting to stay silent amid the protests unfolding across the globe.

Hamilton is using his standing as one of the planet’s top sportsmen to call for real changes to be enforced to ensure equality can be realised.

The 35-year-old sees the Black Lives Matter movement as the modern-day equivalent of that led by American civil rights advocate King, who was assassinated in 1968.

And he’s pleading for figures to stand up and be counted to help bring an end to the systemic racism faced by black people around the world for hundreds of years.

“With so much happening in the world, the hurt and pain that has rolled over the generations lingers,” Hamilton wrote to his 16.6m Instagram followers. “The world just can’t seem to get along.

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“Rules and beliefs created hundreds of years ago, some of which are no longer relevant still exist and continue to poison society.

“Statues celebrating ruthless killers of Africans around the world still stand and they say this is history but still no accountability’s held.

“MLK gave his life leading a movement for the same thing we are fighting for today and still there is no justice.

“Who is going to lead us today? The leaders we have selected fail us time and time again.

“We must not stop protesting, we cannot let this fight die a quiet death, we must continue to rage into the night until real change, not some small rule that should be a given changes, until EQUALITY becomes an amendment, a law enforced and respected by all.


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“Please don’t stay silent, we need every voice we can get.”

Hamilton overlayed his message on two separate images – one of which was taken amid the ongoing protests in America, with the second featuring King taking the knee.

Hamilton’s posts on Saturday came after he again called out people who are not making their voices heard in the battle against racism.

The six-time champion has put pressure on F1 personnel to speak out, having become frustrated by the lack of support from the paddock for the Black Lives Matter cause.

“I still see those of you out there staying silent!” Hamilton wrote. “I see you!”

Published at Sat, 13 Jun 2020 14:37:00 +0000