Line of Duty acronyms: The Line of Duty sayings you need to know

Line of Duty acronyms: The Line of Duty sayings you need to know

Line of Duty airs every Sunday at 9pm on BBC One and fans are over the moon the gripping police drama is back on screens. Just as expected, AC-12 got straight down to business using various acronyms and police talk with viewers at home trying to get their head around what they were referring to. has a full breakdown of the Line of Duty acronyms below.

Trainspotting’s Kelly MacDonald is the guest star of Line of Duty season six, playing the role of bent copper Jo Davidson.

Fans had their suspicions from the very beginning and at the end of episode two, it was revealed Davidson may potentially be working with the OCG.

Davidson is also leading the murder investigation of journalist Gail Vella, also known as Operation Lighthouse.

Speaking to and other press ahead of the show’s premiere, MacDonald revealed she struggled to get her head around all of the various Line of Duty sayings and acronyms from CHIS to AC-12.

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MacDonald also revealed she had to think a little before saying yes to the role of DCI Jo Davidson.

She shared: “The shock really was when I was sent the first episode, which was pretty much at the same time I found out that I’d been offered this part.

“My agent sent me the episode and I started reading it on a train up to Glasgow from London.

“I was happily reading and then suddenly, I was like ‘Oh there’s a massive, long screed of dialogue about stuff that I’ve never heard of. Ok’.

What exactly MacDonald’s list looked like is unknown, but it would likely have contained some of the below acronyms. has a full list of the Line of Duty acronyms and sayings you need to know when watching season six.

  • AC-12 – Anti-Corruption Unit 12
  • AFO – Authorised Firearms Officer
  • AM – Active Message
  • ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • ARU – Armed Response Unit
  • ARV – Armed Response Vehicle
  • CHIS – Covert Human Intelligence Source (an informant)
  • CID – Criminal Investigation Department
  • CIS – Crime Information System
  • CPS – Crown Prosecution Service
  • CSE – Crime Scene Examiner
  • DIR – Digital Interview Recorder
  • Fahrenheit – The codeword for ‘shoot to kill’
  • FFU – Financial Forensic Unit
  • FI – Forensic Investigator
  • FLO – Family Liaison Officer

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