‘Live with it’ Stanley Johnson slaps down Remoaners in GB News rant- despite voting Remain

‘Live with it’ Stanley Johnson slaps down Remoaners in GB News rant- despite voting Remain

Nigel Farage was back on GB News on Wednesday to interview Stanley Johnson about the latest headlines as part of his “Talking Pints” segment. Together, the former politicians shared a pint of beer as they debated and discussed several political talking points, from climate change to Stanley’s son, prime minister Boris Johnson’s, approach to the Covid pandemic. And with the pair standing on different sides of the Brexit referendum prior to 2016’s decisive vote, it didn’t take long for the duo to discuss it.

“We have to come clean, don’t we?” Nigel began as he teased his guest. “We have actually had a drink together before.”

Nigel let out a laugh as Stanley weighed in: “Many a time, but I was, you know, pretty much on the opposing side of you politically, Nigel.

“You were pro-Brexit, I was anti-Brexit,” the GB News guest added before admitting: “I’ve got to say you’ve won, and I accepted my punishment like a man.”

Keeping conversation on Brexit, Stanley took aim at the Remoaner camp who continue to oppose the referendum results.

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“Brexit’s finished now, isn’t it?” Nigel asked, prompting the self-proclaimed anti-Brexit Stanley to reply: “This is the point, Nigel. This is the point.

“Look, nobody felt more upset than I did that we lost the campaign,

“But once we lost the campaign I said the great British people have voted.

“And they haven’t voted in just one thing, they’ve voted several times. They actually finally voted in the December 2019 elections.”

“It’s 600,000 pages, most of it is enforced already,” he added. “Okay, there are some snippets going on about sausages in Northern Ireland,

“These are minor points. The broad outline is different,” Stanley claimed.

After watching Stanley and Nigel’s “Talking Pints”, it appears many were divided by the channel’s new feature.

“What has GB news turned into!…..” one disgruntled viewer replied to the clip of Stanley and Nigel, while a second argued: “Much better than  anything else at 7pm at the moment.”

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