London chaos: Armed police swarm Hyde Park – reports of stabbings and violence erupting

London chaos: Armed police swarm Hyde Park – reports of stabbings and violence erupting

Armed officers were seen running between traffic near the entrance of the park in videos on social media. Others report stabbing incidents and police holding suspects down on the ground near Marble Arch. One eyewitness wrote on Twitter: “What is happening right now today in London at Hyde Park and at Marble Arch?

“There are loads police and armed police as well.”

Westminster Metropolitan Police released a statement confirming they had been called to disorder in Hyde Park this evening. 

They said: “We are at Hyde Park following some disorder earlier this evening.

“Four men have been arrested after three men received stab injuries, they are all in a stable condition.

“We remain on scene while enquiries continue.”

The ages and identity of the men involved has not been revealed. 

The police have confirmed a Section 60 order is now in place until 6am on Sunday May 31. 

The reports follow protests in Hyde Park over the current coronavirus lockdown.

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“Officers are engaging with those present and encouraging them to go home.

“The majority of individuals have dispersed after engagement with police.”

Groups representing Extinction Rebellion also protested this afternoon. 

Although they were asked to leave, some from the group criticised the Government’s response to climate change. 

One person said: “We’re here today because over the last couple of months, the crisis that’s happened with Covid-19 has shown us what we can really do to face an emergency, and what our governments can do when they are motivated.

“We’re asking to build on some of the positive changes which have happened over the last couple of months: the drop in pollution, people cycling and walking more, people getting outside.”

Although lockdown measures have been relaxed, they still remain in force. 

Groups of six can meet but members of the public must maintain a two-metre distance. 

Published at Sat, 30 May 2020 19:55:00 +0000