London dog walking: Top five London walks for you and your pet during Tier Two

London dog walking: Top five London walks for you and your pet during Tier Two

Lockdown may be over but under the strict new tier system, life has still not improved that much for many people. London, like many other areas in England, is in Tier Two. This means that two different households still can’t meet indoors. Walking is therefore still a great a way to catch up with friends and family – and perhaps a little warmer than huddling in a beer garden.

For dog owners, trotting out on a daily constitutional is very much needed, but where is best to go in the city?

Experts from dog website have put together a list of the top five most dog-friendly places around London.

Hampstead Heath

At Hampstead Heath, you can walk to the summit of 100-metre high Parliament Hill or wander round 320 hectares of wildlife-filled parkland with your dog.

The heath has some of the best views and highest points in London.

It inspired author C.S. Lewis to write The Chronicles of Narnia while artist John Constable spent his final years painting here.

Hampstead Heath is home to beautiful woodlands, vast heaths and even swimming ponds dedicated to dogs that love a paddle.

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Weavers Fields

Weavers Fields is the largest open space in the western part of the borough of Tower Hamlets.

It covers an area of just over six hectares. The name commemorates the area’s rich silk weaving history which is also reflected in the sculptures found in the park.

There are an adventure park and play area for young children and it also features an area just for dog-walkers, which means you can let your pup off that lead and stretch their legs.

What’s more, Weavers Fields is renowned for its award-winning animal wardens who keep the park in good condition.

They are friendly to dogs and owners alike, so don’t be afraid to strike up a socially distant conversation while you enjoy your walk.


Epping Forest

Epping forest is one of London’s largest open spaces.

It spans an incredible 2,400 hectares and has at least 50,000 trees, making it the perfect place if your dog loves to run around.

If you want some route inspiration, City of London has an Epping Forest Map displaying paths, trails, toilets and more.

For a bit of history, suggests you try to find the old Hunting Lodge that was commissioned by Henry VIII and has stood in the forest since 1542.

Alexandra Palace and Park

Alexandra Park has been offering Londoners an escape from busy urban life since 1863.

It boasts 196 acres and is home to 694 different types of plants, animals and fungi, including 212 different types of insects and 26 types of arachnids. recommends starting your walk with a lap around the Victorian Palace, before making your way through a mixture of woodland and open grassland.

Take a stroll around the park’s boating lake and ornamental gardens, before heading to the top of the hill, where you can find breathtaking panoramic views of the London skyline.

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is a mix of 17th-century landscape, stunning gardens and a rich history that dates back to Roman times.

It has 183 acres, overlooks the River Thames and is home to one of London’s most iconic views.

Here, you can stand on the Prime Meridian, the reference point for the rest of the world, and visit The Royal Observatory.

Enjoy walking through Greenwich’s ancient trees and visit the tranquil flower, herb and orchard gardens.

Visitors can also exploreThe National Maritime Museum includes the Queen’s House.

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