London lockdown: Coronavirus chaos ‘as Boris to heavily restrict travel’ in capital

London lockdown: Coronavirus chaos ‘as Boris to heavily restrict travel’ in capital

The city’s transport network could be shut – or severely restricted – with all non-essential businesses ordered to work from home. Citing sources close to the Mayor of London, the Daily Telegraph said plans were in place to shut down the city in the next few days. A source close to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan told the Daily Telegraph: “We expect a shutdown of London but nobody in central Government is saying when that will be or what form it will take.

“The prime minister is saying we need to go faster and further and there is a spike of cases in London which is running ahead of the country but what that actually means the mayor’s office doesn’t yet know because Downing Street hasn’t said.”

City AM’s Cat Neilan also said sources had indicated a major lockdown. 

The paper’s political editor said the move “feels like” a “lockdown”.  She said supermarkets and pharmacies would remain open. 

Ms Neilan said: “I’m hearing that there are plans to heavily restrict travel in and out of London, keep open supermarkets and pharmacies.

“‘Lock down’ might be a scary word but that is how it feels.”

Cities across the world have followed the lead set by Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, in January. 

In Italy, Spain and Belgium, major cities are all in full or partial lockdown, in an effort to reduce the spread of covid19. 

Other countries, including Ireland, have ordered the closurers of pubs, restaurants and public gatherings. 

More than 250 million Europeans are now in lockdown.

Last night, Begium put into place a series of measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes said: “These decisions were not taken lightly, and were taken because we are obliged to by the evolving situation.

“Success in our struggle against Covid-19 is inextricably linked to the efforts of each person.”

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Published at Wed, 18 Mar 2020 14:01:00 +0000