London lockdown protest: Huge crowd gathers in Hyde Park for idiotic coronavirus stunt

London lockdown protest: Huge crowd gathers in Hyde Park for idiotic coronavirus stunt

Huge crowds, with many carrying banners condemning Boris Johnson’s lockdown, have gathered in the major London park. One protestor carried a sign including the slogan ‘no to the new abnormal’. Reports suggest the protest crowd numbers around three dozen.

Finance worker David Samson, 50, told the PA news agency he came because “I never thought I’d see in my generation the suppressing of civil rights” over a “fake virus”.

One protestor was taken away in handcuffs, the gathered people then began booing the police.

The person being led away was Piers Corbyn, brother of ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He was taken away after declining to leave when asked by a police officer and declining to give his details when asked.

He had brought a megaphone to Hyde Park corner and began proclaiming that 5G and the coronavirus pandemic were linked, calling it a “pack of lies to brainwash you and keep you in order”.

One protester, Dee, who did not wish to give her surname, said her job in the hair and beauty industry had been hit by the crisis.

Speaking to PA she said: “I am here because I am worried about civil liberties being taken away.

“Reading the coronavirus act that has gone through Parliament it seems there are changes being made which infringe our freedom.

“And I am worried the media has run away with the Covid-19 thing and blown it all out of proportion.

“People are still believing the mainstream media where the actual figures being put out explain it all that the risk of dying from Covid-19 are so tiny.”

On Friday police said they were committed to thwarting any attempt to break lockdown restrictions through planned protests and demonstrations.

Many social media accounts announced anti-lockdown protests would occur this weekend.

Flyers for around 60 protests to be held in parks in cities such as Manchester, Leicester, and Southampton have circulated online, produced by the little-known “UK Freedom Movement” which aims to say “no to the new normal and no to the unlawful lockdown”.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester police said: “We have patrol plans in place throughout the area to respond to these protests if required.”

Published at Sat, 16 May 2020 12:20:00 +0000