London protests turn violent as police and demonstrators clash outside Downing Street

London protests turn violent as police and demonstrators clash outside Downing Street

While Boris Johnson was inside No10, leading the Government’s daily coronavirus press briefing, anger was mounting just hundreds of metres away. Officers and a number of demonstrators protesting against police violence following the death of George Floyd in the US have become engulfed in an angry confrontation with a number of objects being thrown. As it stands, it is not clear what started the confrontations although there were unconfirmed reports the police attempted to take a man from the crowd. 

One person close to the scene said: “It’s kicking off now.

“Unclear exactly what started things.

“Police appeared to attempt to take a man from the crowd and pandemonium ensued.”

Another person also stated that an officer had been punched. 

Mark White said: “Crowd confronting police outside the gates of Downing Street.

“Officer punched in the face, numerous objects being thrown at police now.”

Today, protestors gathered in Hyde Parks in order to voice their anger at the death of Mr Floyd. 

Thousands gathered in the capital today and were joined by actor, John Boyega and singer Liam Payne. 

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Although there were minor clashes outside No 10, the protests were generally peaceful throughout. 

Police who were maintaining the peace were also seen kneeling down in support of the movement. 

Separately, anti-racism campaign group, ‘Stand Up to Racism’ is urging Britons to take a knee on their doorsteps tonight. 

Earlier today, the joint chief constables also joined forced to say there appaled by the death of Mr Floyd. 

Published at Wed, 03 Jun 2020 16:32:00 +0000