Louise Minchin loses it with Nick Gibb as he refuses to apologise over exam confusion

Louise Minchin loses it with Nick Gibb as he refuses to apologise over exam confusion

Louise Minchin was joined today on BBC Breakfast by Charlie Stayt and Education Minister Nick Gibb as thousands of students across the country nervously await their A-Level results tomorrow. However, after a new rule was put in place for students to be able to appeal against their mock results in the 24 hours, Minchin lost her patience when the minister refused to apologise to parents for confusion caused by how results are decided. 

Minchin began: “24 hours to go before students get their A-Level results. Things have changed, can you explain exactly what students will be able to do tomorrow?”

“Well students should have confidence in the grades they receive tomorrow, we took a very difficult decision in March to cancel exams,” Gibb explained.

“But we didn’t want students’ careers to be put on hold for a year, we wanted them to go on to university, college or an apprenticeship.

“So we implemented this calculated system based on the teachers assessment of what the student would have achieved had they sat the exam.

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“Teachers will then decide the grade boundaries and submit them. 

“And to make sure we have a level playing field and consistency, there will then be another regulator. 

“But, tomorrow if their mock results are higher than the calculated result this will form the basis of an appeal,” Gibbs added.

Minchin pushed: “So, why the sudden change? You have known about this since April.” 

“No, there is no confusion; we have been very clear from the beginning,” Gibbs replied. 

“We published all the details of this model and we had to have a system in place. 

“This is the best system of a number of approaches we have looked at, we have consulted wildly on this model and got a lot of support. 

“Our concern is that with the best model in the world there will be students who fall outside it and we didn’t want any student to be at a disadvantage.

Published at Wed, 12 Aug 2020 07:09:00 +0000