Love horoscope Leo: 2020 relationship insights for Leo star sign

Love horoscope Leo: 2020 relationship insights for Leo star sign

Leo star sign has many different personality traits that builds a horoscope. A horoscope is a forecast based on the stars and planets at the time a person was born. Each star sign has different attributes and personality traits which creates a horoscope for that particular month. Each star sign also has a love horoscope for each year.

Leo is a natural leader of the Zodiac and is ready to make a name for themselves along the way.

They belong to the Fire element of the Zodiac and are represented by the Nemean Lion in Greek mythology.

When a Leo loves someone, they love hard. For Leos, love itself, whether that be falling in love, thinking about love or thinking about someone is one of their favourite things in the world.

A busy Lion will always make sure that there’s plenty of time for his passion in his or her life and so making time for their partner is a valuable trait that Leo holds.

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Relationships are very serious and Leo is not used to this nature.

In 2020, those born under the Leo star sign will have the chance to meet someone that they truly love and can’t start a relationship with.

Those already in a relationship may even get the opportunity to become parents to a little one.

Yearly Horoscope says: “The single Leos will be closer to their hearts, choosing with their soul this year. The Leo men can get ambitious to find the ideal lover.

“The single ones can be open to flirt, becoming charming, and they can meet someone with whom they can start a new relationship.

“It is possible that the meeting will take place due to common activities, hobbies, even at a party, or when having fun.” says that Leo loves to flirt and date various people and has no problem “penciling new names onto the calendar” on a regular basis.

Best Zodiac love matches for Leo:
• Libra
• Scorpio
• Aries
• Pisces

Both Libra and Leo love the finer things in life like enjoying good quality food. says: “This air sign can temper Leo’s fiery nature, and the two love socialising, enjoying the finer things in life, and making every day truly pleasurable.”

Leo is a partner who likes praise and Libra love to provide genuine compliments to their Leo partner which will be well received and appreciated.

According to, the duo are both optimistic, both like trying new things and looking for adventure.

This year is looking positive for a Leo as long as they make sure to make some time for their loved ones and realise that a little bit of commitment won’t hurt.

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