Making this one simple roundabout mistake could lead to fatal consequences for this reason

Making this one simple roundabout mistake could lead to fatal consequences for this reason

Road users have been seen putting themselves at risk of a terrifying accident by making one simple mistake which could prove costly. Undertaking a lorry can be dangerous in most situations but could be lethal if motorists attempt the move on a roundabout. 

This is because lorries and HGV’s have higher field of vision which leaves smaller cars vulnerable as they may go unnoticed.  

Large HGV’s could also suffer from steering problems which means driver’s actions do not 100 percent line up with where the vehicle ends up. 

These alignment issues may cause the HGV to drift over slightly which could result in them hitting small cars which have gone unnoticed. 

On a roundabout this is even more dangerous as the camber of the bend may also affect the control drivers have over their vehicles. 

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He said: “It is the very nature of the articulated lorry that means the rear wheels do not track in the same line as the front.

“There are a number of YouTube examples of cars finding themselves in the space an articulated lorry needs to make its turn. 

As any HGV driver will tell you, they sometimes need a bit of extra space to move down the road.

“Visibility can be restricted, and no amount of mirrors will allow all of the blind spots to be monitored all of the time.

“By applying some simple rules and sharing the road space, we can make life easier for all of us.”

The Highway Code says overtaking large vehicles is more difficult and urges drivers to take extra precautions. 

The Code warns driving too close to a lorry could obscure your view of the road ahead and urges motorist to drop back.

Falling a bit behind the lorry will increase your ability to see ahead on the road and gives the driver of the lorry more time to see you are behind. 

Drivers may decide to overtake a lorry but the Highway Code warns motorists must ensure they have enough room to complete the manoeuvre before committing. 

They warn overtaking a large vehicle takes longer than other cars and motorists should not overtake if they are in any doubt about making the move. 

Published at Thu, 07 May 2020 08:58:00 +0000