Man's shock reaction to bear walking in to his home and doing THIS revealed in viral video

Man's shock reaction to bear walking in to his home and doing THIS revealed in viral video

In the short clip, which has been viewed 85,000 on Imgur, the chunky brown bear can be seen walking on all fours through the man’s house. Looking around, the bear spots the man, who is standing looking out of the window. The bear gets closer, looking up at the man by the window. But what the bear does next, and the man’s reaction, has shocked the internet.

Instead of screaming or reacting in horror, the man doesn’t even turn around, instead continuing to stand and look out of the window.

The bear then gets up on to his hind legs and puts his arm around the man, snuggling his face.

And the man reciprocates, putting his arm back around the bear for a big hug.

Commenters couldn’t believe their eyes, and were quick to express their joy at the heartwarming moment between the duo.

One wrote: “Aw! It’s cute and also extremely stressful!”

Another joked: “That’s quite the large doggo they got there” (sic).

And one said: “Wow! I would love to see a bear that close”.

It is not clear where the clip was filmed, but many commenters guessed it originated in Russia.

According to the WWF, around 70,000 brown bears can be found in the country.

This footage is not the first of a bear to go viral online – with one recent clip showing a bear opening the door of a home.

The viral video captured the heart-stopping moment a bear managed to open the back door of a house.

At first, he looked through the glass section of the door at the people filming.

Suddenly, he jumped on his hind legs and with his paw, grabbed onto the door and swung it open.

He then stood staring in at the people inside the house with his ears pricked up.

While holding the door, he appeared to be wearing a collar and lead or some form of tie.

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