Martin Lewis issues coronavirus travel insurance WARNING – ‘You won’t be covered’

Martin Lewis issues coronavirus travel insurance WARNING – ‘You won’t be covered’

Martin said: “Last week I covered your travel insurance rights when it came to Coronavirus. Yet as this is a fast-changing situation with new developments daily, I’m constantly receiving huge number of questions from more concerned travellers. So, I’m going to address two of the most common new questions asked.”

Booked a ticket for an event, if it is cancelled, can you get your hotel and flight costs back if you decide not to go?

“Many events around the world, including sports (both watching and participating), festivals and more are being cancelled or postponed.

“When events are cancelled you should get the ticket money back. But the issue is if you’ve flights and hotels linked with it.

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What happens if the Foreign Office haven’t put a travel ban on a country but the country itself doesn’t let us in?

“Currently, there are few restrictions on UK travellers entering countries, for example Israel has said you can only travel there if you have a place (not a hotel) where you can put yourself in quarantine for a couple of weeks. This is likely to get more common.

“In most cases, sadly you won’t be covered, so it’s important to be looking again at cancelling only if it’s free (if so note in your diary your last free cancellation date and be prepared).

“Of the eight insurers we checked only three said they would cover in these circumstances, as they’d count this as a regulatory authority, two wouldn’t. And again, if you don’t have insurance yet, do it urgently – especially as travel insurers are starting to change and limiting what’s available.”

Martin also appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today, speaking about how to save £1000 on energy bills.

He said: “British Gas has just relaunched its super-cheap tariff  – sadly not for those on prepay, or in Northern Ireland – and has made it even cheaper.

“The new dual-fuel ‘Energy Plus Protection Mar 2021v2’ costs a typical £839 a year – £315 cheaper than the average big standard tariff most people are on (including British Gas itself).

“It’s by far the cheapest tariff from any Big Six supplier on typical use, and close to being the market’s all-round cheapest.

“Only a few tiddlers with little or poor customer service feedback can beat it.”

Savvy Britons can get the deal whether they are already with British Gas or not.

He added: “The rate is fixed for a year, so there’ll be no price hikes (though what you pay can change with your usage).

“And importantly new and existing customers can get the deal.”

Published at Thu, 12 Mar 2020 10:49:00 +0000