Martin Lewis issues urgent plea to Rishi Sunak – ‘Just give people the money!’

Martin Lewis issues urgent plea to Rishi Sunak – ‘Just give people the money!’

A £3 billion energy efficiency plan for homes and public buildings will support 140,000 jobs, save households money and cut carbon emissions, the Chancellor has said. Rishi Sunak said rebooting the economy after the pandemic “is going to be a green recovery with concern for the environment at its heart”. But Martin Lewis, from the Money Saving Expert, has urged Mr Sunak to give the public the money.

Speaking to LBC, Mr Lewis said: “Those who have been studying it like I have will remember the Green Deal.

“This feels like a new Green Deal although I have to say it looks like a better structure.

“The Green Deal was all pegged on this loan so, you had to get a loan with it which was cumbersome and confusing.

“I was writing a paper on the deal at the time and one of my suggestions was to just give people the money.

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“The Chancellor is going to make grants available for homes including for landlords of up to £500 which will cover up to two-thirds of the cost for green measures.

“It could be insulation, double glazing and solar panels.”

It comes as campaigners welcomed the moves to invest in energy efficiency, widely seen as one of the best ways to boost jobs across the UK while cutting emissions.

But they warned that levels of funding were well below what was needed to address the climate and nature crises, and that the “jury is still very much out” on how green the Government’s recovery will be.

Mr Sunak said the measures would make 650,000 homes more energy efficient, save households up to £300 on their annual bills, cut carbon emissions by 500,000 tonnes and support 140,000 jobs.

Though it was welcomed as a “strong start” by Greenpeace, the environmental group warned much more funding and investment would be needed in homes, alongside areas such as clean transport and the power sector.

Rosie Rogers, from Greenpeace UK, whose activists changed the road signs at Parliament Square so they read “Green Recovery” in every direction, said: “All roads must now lead to a green recovery – there is no alternative option.”

She urged: “An initial £15 billion cash injection in green ‘shovel ready’ projects would create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, almost immediately, right across the country, while making transport greener, homes warmer, energy bills lower and restoring nature.”

Published at Wed, 08 Jul 2020 19:36:00 +0000