Martin Lewis reveals how you can get a refund on your holiday via annual travel insurance

Martin Lewis reveals how you can get a refund on your holiday via annual travel insurance

The coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of Britons desperately seeking refunds after holiday companies and airlines were forced to cancel trips. Some British travellers across the country are even waiting on refunds for holidays that were cancelled months ago. And for anyone unsure about whether they can claim their money back, Martin Lewis and his Money Saving Expert team have been on hand to share some expertise.

However, Martin has issued a stern warning to those who switched firms rather than staying with the same one.

He explained that if you switched to a different insurer when you renewed your insurance then you won’t be covered for a coronavirus cancellation.

The broadcaster continued: “The only difficulty is if you switched policy.

“If you switched policy and got a new one that wasn’t covering you for coronavirus, it won’t cover you.

“Whether your old policy would cover you – say you got a policy until April, well coronavirus hit in March so you could argue that was the thing that crystallised me not being able to go, I want my money back from you.

“They’ll probably say not but you could take it to the ombudsman.

“Someone has to be a test case to see if you’d get your money back on the issues with travel insurance.

“But if you renewed, you should be okay.”

One of the most important pieces of information that Martin is telling people is that travellers should not cancel their trips.

If they cancel because they think the holiday may not happen due to the current climate, they may not get their money back.

The Money Saving Expert website explains that if a person cancels their holiday it is seen as “disinclination to travel”.

When a person cancels a holiday they aren’t entitled to a refund from the company/airline or their insurer.

Published at Thu, 11 Jun 2020 21:39:00 +0000