Martin Lewis urges Britons to check EHIC before travel for key reason as website crashes

Martin Lewis urges Britons to check EHIC before travel for key reason as website crashes

Financial expert Martin Lewis returned tonight for The Martin Lewis Money Show where he advises Britons on everything from personal finance troubles to travel. The show, which airs at 8.30pm, has become a hit during the coronavirus pandemic. From money-saving tips to budget advice, travel insurance and shopping secrets, Martin Lewis reveals it all.

And tonight was no exception as the founder of Money Saving revealed why Britons need to check their European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) before they travel to Europe.

Martin explained that the EHIC is a free card that gives Britons either free or discounted medical care in all EU countries and many others.

As well as discussing affordable post-lockdown travel insurance, Martin explained why if you own an EHIC you need to check it before you travel.

Martin explained that if Britons are planning to travel to Europe this year, EU health insurance cards are still valid.

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He explained that the EHIC entitles Britons to free healthcare depending on the country they are in.

He continued: “They’re giving you treatment in European Union hospitals – NHS equivalent hospitals and GPs for the same price as locals.

“If it’s free for them, it’s free for you.”

But if people in that country pay certain rates then Britons on holiday in that country will have to pay the same rates.

This year alone, over 5.7 million cards will expire.

The huge amount means that thousands of Britons could be booking summer breaks without realising that their cards have expired.

He implored viewers to check their cards.

He said: “But check – millions of them are out of date.

“Look at the expiry date of yours.

“If it has expired, apply for a new one straight away.”

However, Martin also warned viewers that Britons can get one for free.

If someone finds that they are being told to pay for the EHIC card on a website then it is likely an imposter or copycat site.

He said: “Remember it’s always free.

“Never pay! Never pay, those are imposter sites, don’t go near them.

“And then, check your passport too.”

Published at Thu, 25 Jun 2020 20:45:00 +0000