Martin Lewis urges Britons to check their bank accounts for ‘extremely lucrative’ reason

Martin Lewis urges Britons to check their bank accounts for ‘extremely lucrative’ reason

To enthuse you before we begin, here’s an example of the hundreds of tweets I got after talking about it on This Morning a few days ago… Louise tweeted: “Literally a five minute check on my online banking and found a phone bill I was paying for a phone I don’t own anymore and a subscription that I don’t even think I receive any more! Just cut out about £100 a month! Thank you, Martin!”

Many wouldn’t sign up for a movie service that they don’t really need if they had to pay for it, but would for a free month’s trial, so go in with a view to cancelling it when it ends, but at that point they become accustomed to it and now getting rid of it means a loss – and we don’t like loss.

The lust for such things doesn’t bounce back like elastic.

We tend to feel the loss of a service far more potently than the joy at its gain in the first place. 

So, be brutal with yourself, especially at a time like now.

2. Things you don’t need but do want, ask is it worth it? If not, cancel or try and find something cheaper. As Jo said: “Sorted my bills in Jan & cancelled the gym (went twice in 2019), saving £300/yr.” 

3. Things you definitely need – can you do it cheaper and get the same. Check if it’s a good price online or via comparison sites and consider haggling.

If it’s not good value use it as a spur to switch whether it’s energy bills, broadband, water bills or more look, at what you can do to save. Full help for all of those at

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Published at Sun, 21 Jun 2020 23:01:00 +0000