Martin Lewis warns Britons of crucial thing they must never do when booking holidays

Martin Lewis warns Britons of crucial thing they must never do when booking holidays

With holidays back on the agenda as Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives the quarantine-free travel to 59 countries the green light, Martin Lewis has provided an urgent warning for those eyeing deals. Speaking on the Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 Live, the money saving pro revealed forgetting one vital thing could result in massive losses.

“If Greece doesn’t let you in but the flight is still on and the hotel is still available, then that’s something that if you had got travel insurance in advance it may just have covered you for, but the airline and hotel are unlikely to refund you.

“If you had booked this as a package holiday, you may well have had cover there, but because you booked flight and hotel independently, I’m presuming it isn’t covered under the package regulations depending how you bought it, and you haven’t got travel insurance.”

Martin’s mantra ‘as soon as you buy’ is vital because not only does it provide coverage when you are at your destination, it also provides coverage for any incidents which may arise in the lead-up.

“I do it every year – I talk about booking travel insurance ASAB – as soon as you book,” he previously said.

Despite the warnings, though, new research by found that More than one in ten people think they are unlikely to take out travel insurance if they were to book a holiday abroad.

“It is concerning that there remains a sizeable proportion of people that are unlikely to take out travel insurance when going abroad,” said

Patrick Ikhena, head of travel,

“It is possible, and important, to find policies offering comprehensive cover for more common holiday upheavals.

“Travel insurance remains a much-needed safeguard against problems such as lost or stolen luggage and travel disruption unrelated to COVID-19.

“The additional security and peace of mind provided by travel insurance is as important for domestic ‘staycations’ as it is for travel abroad.

“This is particularly relevant this summer, with many more people considering holidaying in the UK.”

Published at Tue, 07 Jul 2020 07:28:00 +0000