Matt Baker scolded for poor performance by Countryfile guest: ‘Come on Matt, do better!’

Matt Baker scolded for poor performance by Countryfile guest: ‘Come on Matt, do better!’

Tonight’s Countryfile focussed on the harvest season and how farms have been affected this year by the rainy weather and coronavirus pandemic. While Adam Henson was on his farm near the Cotswolds, Matt Baker was in North Yorkshire on a strawberry farm. As he admired the speed at which the berries were picked and packed up, Matt decided to get involved.

Matt told viewers at home: “The pace is incredible, taking no more than 30 minutes to get the strawberries from the poly-tunnels into the chill store and then to the pack house where another team will pack and label roughly 190 punnets a minute.

“Back in 2016 in a strawberry field in Kent, I lost a picking race and having spent the day here at Annabel’s farm, I want to see if I’ve improved.

“But I’m going up against Deanna, who has been known to pick up to 40kg in an hour.”

Matt was seen meeting Deanna, socially-distanced of course, before they began their race down the poly-tunnel.

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“Right Deanna, I’ve heard a lot about your skills, I’m in the presence of greatness,” Matt said greeting his competitor.

“So let’s do this. It’s the first to fill four punnets.”

Deanna was more than up for the challenge as she exclaimed: “Okay let’s go,” and immediately began picking berries.

She was incredibly quick as she disappeared down the poly-tunnel picking the berries much faster than Matt.

He claimed his equipment was holding him up as he insisted his trolley was moving too slowly.

“It needs oiling,” he moaned as Deanna shouted: “I’m finished!”

As he accepted his defeat, Matt apologised to viewers at home if they picked up the punnet he had packed.

He noted there were some “short stalks” and “white shoulders” on the strawberries he had packed up.

Elsewhere on tonight’s Countryfile, viewers were disappointed when Matt Taylor presented the latest weather forecast.

Fans were shocked to find Matt had not got the “checked shirt” memo, which is usually the uniform of Countryfile’s meteorologists.

“What on earth is that weather shirt….!!!!? #countryfile,” one viewer posted on Twitter while another added: “No check shirt klaxon!….. #countryfile.”

Countryfile continues Sunday on BBC One at 6pm.

Published at Sun, 11 Oct 2020 17:45:24 +0000