May HUMILIATION: Ex-comms chief ATTACKS Prime Minister over ‘extraordinary’ Brexit abuse

May HUMILIATION: Ex-comms chief ATTACKS Prime Minister over ‘extraordinary’ Brexit abuse

In a damning attack on the Prime Minister, Sir Oliver said it was “extraordinary” how much abuse she has taken in order to stay and attempt to complete Brexit. Speaking on BBC Newsnight, Sir Oliver delivered his latest verdict on the state of the UK. He said: “It feels like we’re living in a time where we’re used to the world shaking beneath Westminster.

“If we look back historically that would not be sustainable, but we’re learning to can be sustained for much longer.”

Sir Oliver added: “The key point for Theresa May is she’s shown herself to be somebody who’s willing to take any amount of humiliation to key herself in the game with the possibility of delivering Brexit.

“I think that’s the extraordinary fact that we’re seeing a Prime Minister will to take a huge amount of humiliation.”

Sir Oliver worked as the director of communications for David Cameron, after taking over the role from Andy Coulson.

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His comments come after another day of turmoil for Mrs May, who was forced to sack Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

Mr Williamson is alleged to be behind the Huawei leak, claims he vehemently denies.

Mrs May’s strongly worded letter to him stated there was “no other, credible version of events” other than to hold him responsible, while Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said she had been left with “no other option”.

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson swiftly calling for him to be prosecuted, although the PM later said she “considered the matter closed”.

The recent events couldn’t have come at a worst time for her as her party faces up to the local elections on Thursday.

On this week’s Brexit The Final Countdown podcast, presenter Rebecca Hutson was joined by Head of News, Paul Baldwin, and Video News Editor, Thomas Hunt.

Mr Baldwin argued the local elections would be a “bloodbath” for the Tory party and Theresa May could be ousted as Prime Minister as early as Friday morning.

He explained that despite there being other pressing issues besides Brexit, voters wouldn’t be able to shake the consistent failures of the Tory Government from their memory and would use their votes in protest.

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