Meghan and Harry blasted for ‘abandoning’ family amid COVID 19 pandemic – ‘horribly cruel’

Meghan and Harry blasted for ‘abandoning’ family amid COVID 19 pandemic – ‘horribly cruel’

Phoning into The Sun’s Dan Wootton Talk radio show this week, Ms Markle labelled the Sussex couple “cruel” after they stepped down from the Royal Family on March 31 to move thousands of miles away.

The pair had originally claimed they would split their time between England and Canada before recent reports came to light that the pair had fled to a rented mansion in Los Angeles.

Samantha said: “Harry and Meghan don’t seem to care about families or people around them. Their self-preservation is quite disgusting,

“They can throw stones all they want but they are the biggest hypocrites out there now.”

Ms Markle admitted that Meghan has not called her family since the coronavirus pandemic started.

She said: “It’s a devastating pandemic, the idea of abandoning their families without so much of a phone call is just shocking,”

“And now to abandon the British people and the royal family at such a critical time it is almost, it takes me back to the colosseum in Roman times,”

She added: “It just seems so horribly cruel.”

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A recent report from the Daily Mail said that Prince Charles is likely step in and provide £2 million that will cover half of their reported protection costs.

Canada declared they would no longer foot the bill for their security costs, there have been questions as to who would be picking up the bill.

And they could find this “difficult to come to terms with”, it has been claimed.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told “Harry will find this difficult to come to terms with, the issue of security will be worrying them.

“They have to security guards if the taxpayer won’t pay, Prince Charles will, Harry needs protection, he has earnt it, he did two tours of Afghanistan.”

The couple will now have to spend an estimated £4 million a year on security in their new Hollywood lifestyle.

The Sun has reported that Meghan and Harry are now looking to finance their own team of former SAS guards to watch over them, which would work out at £400 per operative a day.

Twitter users provided their thoughts on Ms Markle’s latest comments.

One said: “ Still the question remains as in have they paid the money back owed to the UK taxpayer?”

Another replied: “They have to pay for their own security I’m afraid!”

Published at Thu, 02 Apr 2020 23:37:00 +0000