Meghan and Harry ‘frustrated’ as they’re forced to ‘rely’ on help out of their ‘control’

Meghan and Harry ‘frustrated’ as they’re forced to ‘rely’ on help out of their ‘control’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have emerged from lockdown after a quiet spell, as Chris Ship and Lizzie Robinson told their Royal Rota podcast listeners. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined LA community group, Homeboys and Homegirls, to help with a cooking programme that is providing food to those in need during the pandemic. However, because they can no longer use the Sussex Royal social media accounts, the royals are being forced to “rely” on others.

Ms Robinson told listeners: “Their platforms are now inactive or dormant so they’re having to rely on organisations like Homeboy to put the photographs up and alert us to the work they’re actually doing.”

Mr Ship said: “They must find that quite frustrating, not having their own social media channels.

“You’re less in control, aren’t you?

“They were criticised for setting up their website and calling it ‘Sussex Royal’.”

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He added: “I’m sure work is going on about setting up their own social media platforms, but, at the moment, they are without.”

Ms Robinson agreed: “They are without, so the only way we can hear from them or see them is if people do it on their behalf.

“So, like when they did their Save the Children reading for Archie’s birthday, that went on the Save the Children site.

“They’ve done the volunteering now, and that’s gone up on Homeboys and Homegirls social media.”

The Royal Rota hosts also revealed Meghan and Harry’s new gig in their bid to become “financially independent”.

At the moment, the couple are still being provided funds from Prince Charles.

They have now signed with the Harry Walker Agency, which dubs itself the world’s leading speaking agency.

The business’ impressive client list includes the Obamas, the Clintons and Serena Williams.

The Sussexes have maintained that they will not be speaking about the Royal Family.

Published at Tue, 30 Jun 2020 19:01:00 +0000