Meghan Markle and Prince Harry issue dire warning about coronavirus – ‘Save their life!’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry issue dire warning about coronavirus – ‘Save their life!’

Currently, 1.4million Brits have been urged to go into self-isolation because of the deadly coronavirus. The public have been told to stay in isolation – which includes avoiding socialising with other people – in order to halt the spread of the disease.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex urged their 11.3million Instagram followers to let those in isolation know that they are thinking of them.

Coronavirus has so far killed 177 Britons and infected 3,983 people in the UK.

Most of the people who died have had underlying health conditions or were aged 60 or over.

However, the older generation are at risk of suffering from loneliness while they self-isolate.

In their post, the Sussexes said: “Our emotional well-being is challenged every day whether we realise it or not, but our lives are usually filled with distractions.

“Now with constantly changing COVID coverage, we are all adjusting to this new normal and the feelings that come with it.

“But here’s the good thing (because right now we need to hear good things, right?

“Yes, there is isolation and physical distancing, but there doesn’t have to be loneliness.”

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Yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared new measures for the UK amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Government decided that pubs, bars, gyms, shops and clubs should close to halt the spread of the virus.

Thousands of holidays have also been cancelled.

From Monday, schools across the country will be closed leaving children stuck at home.

However, children of critical workers – such as those who work for the NHS – will be allowed to continue going to school.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak began his speech at yesterday’s press conference saying: “To all those at home anxious about the days ahead. I say this: you will not face this alone.”

Published at Sat, 21 Mar 2020 04:31:00 +0000