Meghan Markle attends heartbreaking duty as she is seen for first time since split

Meghan Markle attends heartbreaking duty as she is seen for first time since split

The Duchess was pictured smiling and waving at photographers as she stepped on board the small internal flight that departed only 20 minutes away from the $14 million mega-mansion she is staying in with baby Archie. She took the very short flight to make a surprise visit at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver to “offer support” and to “boost the staff’s spirits”. The staff were said to be unaware that such a well-known guest was going to be visiting the institution as part of her bid to start a new independent life away from the monarchy.

The Daily Mail reported that she took time meeting with managers and also asked women what they would need in terms of support.

“It was a nice meeting,” a staff member said.

The women’s shelter is at the epicenter of the country’s drug overdose crisis that has taken the lives of 13,000 people in the last four years.

Meghan was seen to be looking an immaculate humanitarian in a fur-lined coat and leather boots as she tried to brave the snowfall.

Copying Meghan’s seemingly low key look will set you back a fair few hundred pounds, with the Barbour jacket costing $399 and her Le Chameau boots retailing at $493.36

Meghan’s wardrobe is often filled with the latest designer labels and styles as she often opts for high-end brands.

Her Ralph and Russo dress adorned in the official royal couples engagement photos retails at an eye-watering £56,000, and made Kate’s modest £159 Reiss dress look extremely economical in comparison.

Baby Archie was nowhere to be seen on Meghan’s visit, as she arrived without any bags in tow.

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Before going on to call out the Sussexes for being high flying hypocrites who only engage in campaigns they believe will make them look good.

“Yes, they have said they’ll only(!) have two children and that for environmental reasons, having one fewer child is the best thing we can do to reduce emissions, but when they’re shown to be flying around the world constantly, I find these words to be empty.”

“If they were passionate about the environment, they’d significantly reduce their flying time. It can’t be one rule for us mere plebs and another for the literally high-flying celebrities and royals.”

Meghan has been holed up on Vancouver Island, at a mysterious Billionaire benefactor’s home since Friday after abandoning her husband Prince Harry in the UK as he tried to agree on new terms for there family’s future.

Meghan who had been rumoured to join the family crisis talks from Vancouver via conference call was reportedly barred after fears that others may be listening in.

An insider said: “This was a highly confidential family discussion, not a conference call.”

Harry is due to fly back to Canada soon where the couple stayed for six weeks in December and the New Year as part of a much needed holiday.

His last royal duty will be to appear at the draw for the Rugby League World Cup at Buckingham Palace on Thursday.

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