Meghan Markle fans attack Kate & Wills over 'celebrity' video – 'Trying to outdo Sussexes'

Meghan Markle fans attack Kate & Wills over 'celebrity' video – 'Trying to outdo Sussexes'

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced today they have started a new venture and have set up a YouTube channel. The new channel promises to share behind-the-scenes clips of the couple.

But now, vicious trolls have hit back at the couple claiming they are constantly trying to “outdo” Meghan and Prince Harry.

One person wrote: “This smacks of desperation.

“The constant attempt to outdo Harry and Meghan at every turn is quite sad.

“Wills and Kate are stoic types and trying to pass themselves as anything else comes off as inauthentic.”

Someone else said: “Lol I hate to be that person but didn’t senior courtiers have a go at Meghan’s behind-the-scenes Vogue video because it was unroyal, only for them to now release a bloopers.

“They don’t have to copy the Sussexes.

“They’re already perfect as we are told over and over again.”

Another person said the Cambridges are trying to be “more relatable” and are “worried about decorum”.

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Others claimed the trailer for the YouTube video is more like a “reality TV show”.

They said: “All the hate Harry and Meghan were getting from royalists, and it turns out it’s their fave pair who had cameras following them around like a reality TV show and now YouTube blogging is their new gig.”

Someone else simply branded the couple as “celebrity”.

With another person echoing: “So they are celebrities.

“YouTubers now right.”

However, the couple have also been heaped with praise over their new venture.

Commenting on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s post, YouTube’s official Twitter account simply wrote: “rolls out the red carpet”

Another replied: “What a terrific way to stay in touch and keep all of us up to date on your work and charities. Well done to you!”

A third commented: “Ahh I love this news, the video and how funny you two are with each other. I will definitely subscribe.”

A fourth wrote: “I have never subscribed to a channel quicker.”

While encouraging people to subscribe, the couple wrote in an Instagram post: “Better late than never – we’re now on YouTube.

“Link in bio.”

On Twitter, they said: “We’re now on YouTube.”

The announcements were posted alongside a 25-second video compiling engagements both the Duke and Duchess have taken part in.

In the video, William turns to his wife to jokingly warn: “Be careful what you say now.

“Because these guys are filming everything.”

Kate laughed, replying: “I know!”

Published at Wed, 05 May 2021 19:21:00 +0000