Meghan Markle ‘tears’ up as she embraces loyal staff she will probably NEVER see again

Meghan Markle ‘tears’ up as she embraces loyal staff she will probably NEVER see again

When the door closed of room 1844 at Buckingham Palace closed and the room was almost empty after a morning of engagements, Meghan began to visibly cry amongst her household staff. Mr Scobie revealed: “[The] tears that the duchess had been bravely holding back are free to flow among familiar faces. 

“As she embraces some of the loyal staff she will most likely not see again, I can’t help but feel sad for the dedicated team members,

“whose tireless efforts—to promote the couple’s work, launch landmark projects, and deal with the near-daily crises brought on by tabloid lies—have come to an abrupt end. “

The royal expert compared the size of the Sussexes staff with that of “other” royal households including the Cambridges team.

He wrote: “Compared to other royal households, it was a smaller operation, with less resources than the more sophisticated offices at Clarence House and Kensington Palace,

Before adding: “in the short space of a year since setting up, Team Sussex had become like a family, looking out for the couple as much as they could.”

The couple is now claimed to be excited about the freedom to work at a pace that “suits” them.

“The couple genuinely feel a sense of excitement about what’s to come, which includes the freedom to work at a pace that suits them, no longer weighed down by protocol or threatened by toxic agendas.” said Mr Scobie.

“And while much has been (incorrectly) speculated about specific commercial endeavors they might be taking on, both Harry and Meghan are eager to get stuck into their work.”

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However, a source told Mr Scobie that leaving the royal family is important for Meghan and Harry to keep “safe.”

“The terrain may be a little different but their priorities are exactly the same as before,”

“Keeping the family, most importantly Archie, safe is what will make all of this worth it.”

It comes as Meghan jetted out of the UK to be back in Canada with baby Archie, as Harry stayed behind to finalise future plans.

Meghan for her final solo engagement met with 22 scholarship students from the Association of Commonwealth Universities at Buckingham Palace.

The Duchess of Sussex took over as royal patron of the ACU from the Queen back in 2019.

Meghan is thought to now keep the organisation as a priority even after March 31 when she officially steps back from royal life.

As well as maintaining her position as Vice President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

The scholarships provided to ACU students strike a particularly resonate with Meghan, who herself attended Illinois Northwestern University on a scholarship, where she majored in international relations.

Although her father Thomas Markle has previously claimed to have “paid” for Meghan’s education.

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