Melania Trump nails: How to do a FLOTUS-inspired French manicure at home

Melania Trump nails: How to do a FLOTUS-inspired French manicure at home

The coronavirus lockdown has put the beauty industry on hold, with salons and spas closed around the country due to social distancing measures. However, First Lady Melania Trump has stepped out looking as pristine as ever during the pandemic – including what appear to be freshly painted nails. But how can you copy the look if your nails aren’t in the best shape? 

Former model Melania tends to opt for neutral shades for her nails, which appear to be quite long and perfectly shaped despite the lockdown – leading some to question whether she is still seeing a manicurist. 

Slovenian-born Melania has been seen with thick, creamy white nail polish with white French tips. 

The French manicure is a very traditional look which went out of style for some years, with trendsetters describing it as “tacky” – but the enhanced natural effect came back into fashion last year. 

It involves a pale pink or sheer nail polish all over the nail, as well as a white strip along the tips – something which many people leave to the pros, as it needs a steady hand. 

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Those who have been missing their regular salon appointments may be wanting to hide their unsightly nails that are usually smartened up with acrylics or gels.

However, to look as sleek as Melania’s flawless nails, French manicures need a healthy nail bed with plenty of room to paint on the white tip. 

Sara Sordillo, Nail Technician for Elegant Touch, explains how to get the classic look – and you don’t even need your own perfect nails. 

Firstly, prep: 

Gently push back cuticles and remove any excess cuticles. 

Using a nail buffer, file the natural nails to a round shape and gently buff the top of the nail plate.

Apply press-on nails (optional):

Using Elegant Touch Bare Nails in Oval, size and lay out the nails in order. If you find these are too long don’t worry you can trim them after applying them (don’t trim before as you may cut them too short). Gently buff your natural nail to enable the next step to adhere better. 

Apply the press-on nails by using the Elegant Touch Brush on Glue as it is easier to apply – especially for beginners of false nails as it is easier to control when applying.

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Apply the glue to your natural nail then stick the false nail on to that finger one at a time so that the glue does not dry out. 

Use a rolling motion, apply the nail at the base first before lowering the nail on. (The tip should be fixed on last.)

Once all nails are applied you can trim and shape them to a length you feel comfortable with. 

To trim false nails, use a specially designed nail cutter for an even cut without cracking the false nail. 

Then smooth the edges of the nail with a nail file.

Paint the tip on the nail using a shade such as Essie Blanc – you don’t need to worry about going on to the guide. 

Once you have painted the nail and while the polish is wet, peel off the sticker in a quick and continuous motion (do one nail at a time).

Once the white tips are applied brush another thin coat of Essie Passport to sail over the nail including the white tip. This will soften the tip and give a more elegant finish. 

Apply Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat and finish by spraying Elegant Touch Rapid Nail Dry Spray.

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