Melania Trump steps up to help ‘vulnerable’ Donald in ‘unprecedented’ moment for couple

Melania Trump steps up to help ‘vulnerable’ Donald in ‘unprecedented’ moment for couple

Melania Trump, 50, and Donald Trump, 74, left the White House today and took Air Force One to Florida and their resort Mar-a-Lago. The couple waved as they stepped off the aircraft and headed towards their awaiting vehicles.

Judi added: “Wives of hard-core alpha men like Trump will often achieve stronger moments of emotional closeness during their husband’s more vulnerable moments when they are on hand to offer strength and support and this could be true for Melania. 

“Trump was seen reaching out to grab her hand throughout his exit of the White House and was also gazing at her with new signals of respect as he described her as ‘popular’ and invited her to make a speech, sharing both the stage and his ‘moment’ in an unprecedented way.”

The expert went on to explain that Melania could be protecting Donald during this time.

She said: “There has been speculation that Melania was waiting to make her escape but her signals today suggest she could in fact be stepping up as her husband’s prime supporter and temporary protector. 

Anna Fiorentini Performing Arts School for Kids and Adults told that Melania’s body language tends to be a “subconscious betrayal of inner turmoil”, when she is around Donald.

The expert explained: “Body language is a complex subject where there is a vast dichotomy of meaning, but fundamentally, if we strip it down to the basics we have open and closed body language. Open body language physically presenting itself as things like wide gestures, uncrossed arms, a lack of tension in the shoulders. 

“Closed being crossed arms and legs, hands wrung together – a subconscious betrayal of inner turmoil. This is something we see in Melania’s body language quite often, especially when she’s around her dear husband.”

While Donald and Melania could be getting closer now that his presidency is over, could this mean the same for Ivanka and her stepmother too?

Anna added: “If we look back to Trump’s inauguration, it appeared Melania and Ivanka were close – their bodies turned in to face each other, chins bowed down. There was certainly a degree of mirroring that happened; perhaps an inner shared ethos of ‘we’re in this together.’ 

“As time went on however, their body language suggests a growing rift, or at least a sense that Melania is far more uncomfortable with Ivanka. The two have shoulders facing away from each other and it seems Melania is very much ‘on the outside’. 

“We often see in our acting students that, gradually they grow in confidence and their body language becomes more open and ‘ready to receive’. Could it be then that the opposite happened to Melania? She became more timid, lost self-esteem and confidence? Really… who can blame her?”

Published at Wed, 20 Jan 2021 21:50:00 +0000