Merry Brexmas? Major UK supermarket mocked by Remainers for renaming Brussels sprouts

Merry Brexmas? Major UK supermarket mocked by Remainers for renaming Brussels sprouts

The hated Christmas vegetable has divided the nation, but this time over Brexit. Instead of naming them Brussels sprouts, the vegetables have been re-named by the supermarket chain after various UK counties.

Some claimed renaming the sprouts based on their counties was because of Brexit.

However, the supermarket chain has denied the accusations that it was appealing to shoppers that did not like the EU.

Morrisons said it had swapped the name “Brussels” to the various UK counties because customers wanted to know where their food came from.

The UK supermarket chain has been changing the names of their sprouts to “Yorkshire sprouts”, “Lincolnshire sprouts” and “Scottish sprouts”.

However, some social media users were convinced it was because of Brexit.

The debate appears to have originated with a tweet from Brexit Party MEP Lucy Harris who tweeted Morrisons saying: “Pretty cool that @Morrisons is replacing ‘Brussels’ with the sourced county.”

Some people were less than impressed with the change.

One user said: “Haha, I love how pathetic Brexity people are.

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Others compared the move to the Americans re-naming French Fries in 2003 to “Freedom Fries” after France opposed its forces’ invasion of Iraq.

Another tweeted: “We gleefully made fun of Americans for inventing Freedom Fries but we now stand and tearfully sing God Save the Queen in Morrison’s when we see a packet of Yorkshire Sprouts.

“What’s next, New Forest Cake? Frimton Onion Soup? Tweedish Meatballs?”

However, not all social media users felt the same about the vegetables.

One user said: “I think Morrison’s accept they are Brussels sprouts, it does say on them in the ingredients, also Morrison’s have a thing about local produce so it’s no big deal that they should prominently make it known where they were grown.”

Another said: “I’m no genius, but it’s probably called that because they’re Sprouts grown in Yorkshire?”

A spokesman for Morrisons denied the name-change claims, saying they were not related to Britain to leaving the EU.

They told the New European: “Many of our customers are interested in knowing where their food comes from. Our Lincolnshire sprouts are called Lincolnshire sprouts because they are from Lincolnshire.

“Our Yorkshire sprouts are called Yorkshire sprouts because they are from Yorkshire. Many of our customers like to know that.”

Published at Wed, 25 Dec 2019 06:15:00 +0000