Micheal Martin squirms as Marr confronts Irish leader on old Boris Johnson comments

Micheal Martin squirms as Marr confronts Irish leader on old Boris Johnson comments

Andrew Marr left the new Irish Taoiseach Michael Martin squirming this morning after bringing up previous comments he has made about Boris Johnson. In an awkward exchange, Marr referenced a furious attack Mr Martin launched against Boris Johnson last year. He then questioned whether the new Taoiseach had “any second thoughts” about the British Prime Minister.

Marr said: “Let me ask you about your relationship, you mentioned Boris Johnson.

“You weren’t terribly complimentary about him at the McGill Summer School about this time last year.

“You said, ‘Anyone in Dublin who met Boris Johnson during his time as Foreign Secretary will tell you the many ways in which he failed to show the slightest level of understanding about the operations of the Good Friday Agreement.

“‘I don’t think anyone can credibly say he has thought through how he can promote property and reconciliation in Northern Ireland’. Have you had second thoughts?”

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Mr Martin said: “I was very heartened by our discussion to reset the British-Irish relationship post-Brexit.

“The Prime Minister is keen to do that and I was particularly taken by that.

“We are both committed to the necessity of doing that because from the Irish perspective, the entire peace process was based on the relationship between Britain and Ireland.

“There is a strong proactive relationship between our two countries and I am committed to that and so is the Prime Minister, and that is the basis I intend to carry on.”

He said: “We do need more details, we need more precision.

“I think we need an injection of momentum into the overall talks between the European Union and United Kingdom in relation to Brexit.”

He said although he believes progress towards a trade deal has been slow, he added: “I believe that if there’s a will there’s a way in terms of resolving outstanding issues.

“I think there will be a deal, there has to be a deal. But, it can’t be at any price.”

Published at Sun, 12 Jul 2020 09:24:00 +0000