Microsoft just gave Windows 10 users another reason to switch to Windows 11

Microsoft just gave Windows 10 users another reason to switch to Windows 11

Windows 11 brought a huge boost for millions of PC users when it launched back in 2021, with the operating system getting a modern refresh and tons of new experiences that just aren’t available to its predecessor. Now, yet another benefit is being rolled out thanks to an exciting update.

Microsoft’s latest upgrade now includes the addition of a typable Windows search box with an AI-powered Bing chatbot in the taskbar. This will put all your search needs for Windows in one simple location for the ultimate user-friendly experience.

Essentially, this will let you search, chat, answer questions and generate content straight from the Windows taskbar.

The search engine will get you the answers to nearly anything you are after faster than ever before.

You may have heard of ChatGPT, which has taken the world by storm in recent months. This is the AI chatbot that knocks out responses to your questions that look remarkably human, replying in great detail to your complex requests in a matter of seconds.

Bing’s search engine is powered by the exact same technology that was made by San Francisco-based start-up OpenAI.

Simply type out what you are looking for into the taskbar and the chatbot should be able to give a pretty comprehensive answer.

According to Microsoft, the search bar is used by half a billion users per month, so the already immensely popular feature has now got even better.

And hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users can access it.

If you want to check this out for yourself, you have to install the Windows 11 update.

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“It’s important for us to stay connected to where we’re from, including speaking the language, and with the new Bing chat experience we can learn and practice writing and speaking in Greek with my dad. It’s inspiring and changing the way we communicate and connect in ways we never imagined.”

But this is not the only exciting addition that comes with the new update. You can also link your iPhone directly to your Windows 11 PC using a new preview of Phone Link for iOS.

Android users have been able to do this for quite some time, but now, the update means it is even easier to activate your Samsung personal hotspot. You can do this with a single click from within the Wi-Fi network list on your PC.

You will also find improved touch experiences, full-screen widgets, and fast access to the Windows 365 app.

Sadly, if you still have Windows 10, you are out of luck as this update will not be available to you and that might isn’t the only reason to consider switching things up.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will only keep supporting new Windows 10 releases until October 14, 2025.

This means you will get no new security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates if you stay with Windows 10 after that data. This could also mean that many devices will become more prone to bugs and cyber attacks.

Meanwhile, Windows 11 will keep getting the freshest updates with the most exciting and user-friendly tech around that you will not want to miss out on.

Published at Sat, 18 Mar 2023 08:01:00 +0000