Millionaire Remainer Gina Miller begs for cash in bid to halt Boris Johnson’s Brexit

Millionaire Remainer Gina Miller begs for cash in bid to halt Boris Johnson’s Brexit

An online pledge page has been launched aiming to raise £200,000 to support legal fees as Ms Miller continues her fight against the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament. So far, it has raised more than £100,000 of the target. She has made two legal challenges against Mr Johnson concerns the suspension of Parliament for five weeks.

On the pledge page, Ms Miller said: “This battle is much more than about a point in our political history, it is about setting a precedent that would increase the amount of power that sits with a Prime Minister and the Executive.

“My team and I will continue to stand up for everyone, for future generations, for our representative democracy, and to stop those who would wreck our constitution.

“It is not right that they should bully or shut down parliamentary scrutiny, especially at this most momentous time in the history of our United Kingdom.

“I will not give up the fight for democracy over dictatorship and ask that you support this continued battle – for all our sakes.”

The Supreme Court is hearing the cases.

One challenge comes from the Scottish courts and another from campaigner Gina Miller.

The two challenges both claim that the suspension is “unlawful” and designed to stop the Houses of Commons from examining how the UK will complete Brexit.

The UK is due to leave the EU on October 31.

Mr Johnson has argued the prorogation will allow the Government to focus on the new legislative agenda.

JUST IN: Boris to recall Parliament if Supreme Court demands MPs return

Mr Johnson told the Queen on August 28 to prorogue Parliament for five weeks from the week of September 9.

His move sparked fury from opposition MPs who said he misled the Queen and was determined to stop them holding him to account on Brexit.

Supporters of the legal challenges, a mixture of anti-Brexit campaigners and opposition lawmakers, want parliament to be immediately recalled if the court backs them.

Angry protesters, holding signs saying “Defend democracy”, “Reopen Parliament” and “They misled the Queen”, have gathered outside the Supreme Court as the first hearing takes place.

Ms Miller was educated at the University of East London.

She has founded the True and Fair Foundation.

She created the group in 2012.

It calls for an end to financial misconduct in the investment and pension industries.

She also set up Remain United this year, which encouraged tactical voting during the EU Elections.

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