Minecraft DOWN: Server Status latest as Microsoft provide Realms news

Minecraft DOWN: Server Status latest as Microsoft provide Realms news

Minecraft servers are down tonight for some gamers, and it appears that it all depends on what version you are using.

According to developers Mojang, server issues are currently only affecting Minecraft on certain platforms.

The Minecraft Java Edition has been confirmed as having server issues tonight, however, there could be problems with other versions as well.

More news is expected to be shared by Mojang and Microsoft if issues with Minecraft servers continue tonight.

For now, Mojang has only confirmed login issues with the Java Edition, including multiple sign in issues.

The latest from Mojang reads: “Minecraft Java Edition: Some players may be having issues logging in at the moment or getting errors when attempting to log in.

“We are investigating the issue & thank you for your patience.”

No reason has been given for tonight’s Minecraft issues but it seems likely that servers are coming under extra strain due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

More people are at home right now around the world, leading to more traffic, and making it easier for servers to become overloaded.

This hasn’t been stated as the cause of tonight’s server problems, and it’s unclear how long tonight’s troubles could last.

“Mojang servers automatically notify our web developers whenever there is a major outage, so if an outage continues, it’s likely that the issue is being worked on so please be patient and try again later.

“If you receive an error, but others do not notice an outage, please check your internet, antivirus and/or firewall connections. It may be that you need to refresh your profile’s authentication and connection with our servers by logging out of the game and logging back in.”


Published at Mon, 16 Mar 2020 19:46:00 +0000