‘Money making scam’: Drivers call on E10 fuel to be ‘scrapped’ over efficiency and damages

‘Money making scam’: Drivers call on E10 fuel to be ‘scrapped’ over efficiency and damages

E10 has been the staple unleaded grade of petrol since September 2021 when the Government announced E5 would be reclassified as “super” grade. The Government praised the move, saying it would help the UK move towards its goal of being net-zero by 2050.

Despite this, many drivers have spoken of their fury at the consequences of the new petrol.

E10 is blended with up to 10 percent renewable ethanol, compared to the old standard of up to five percent.

The Government said this would not have a major impact on fuel economy, with a marginal reduction of one percent to be expected.

Some drivers have reported seeing massive reductions in the efficiency of their car since making the switch.

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They wrote: “Question for you. I have a new Mercedes A Class, a tank of old E5 petrol would give over 300 miles, now since changing to E10 it’s dropped to approx 257miles?

“This is consistently the same.

“How can a new fuel give so much difference in MPG?”

Express.co.uk reader HarryStottle, claimed: “The Government site says my car was compatible.

He warned that many drivers who were experiencing problems, like HarryStottle, could be suffering from the effects of the new petrol.

The RAC also clarified that when putting E10 into an incompatible car it will still run.

But seals, plastics and metals may be damaged over longer periods as a result of bioethanol’s corrosive properties.

The new petrol is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water from the atmosphere, leading to condensation in fuel tanks if the car remains unused for long periods of time.

Published at Thu, 16 Dec 2021 07:00:00 +0000