Motorists could be fined £100 & issued three penalty points for parking in this one area

Motorists could be fined £100 & issued three penalty points for parking in this one area

Motorists can be issued the fine for simply stopping their vehicles on or next to a pedestrian crossing as this could be considered dangerous. Crossings should be kept clear at all times for pedestrians to use safely and any violations will lead to consequences. 

The Code says motorists should allow pedestrians to cross if the amber light is showing on a pelican crossing. 

The RAC says motorosyts cannot stop tehri car or overtake when their car is over the white zig zag lines placed near a crossing. 

This is because stopping on this area could block the view for pedestrians and any other oncoming traffic. 

The RAC says the rules differ for yellow zig-zag lines which will need a road sign positioned next to it for penalties to be legally enforced. 

In a statement, the RAC said: “In summary, you risk a fine and penalty points by parking on yellow or white zig-zag lines, but yellow zig-zags needs an accompanying sign to be legally enforceable.

“White lines, on the other hand, are enforced by local authorities and the police, and they do not require a sign to be enforceable.

Road users could be fined £100 and three penalty points for breaking the rule or failing to give way to those trying to cross the road. 

However, under extreme circumstances road users may be issued even higher charges.

Stopping somewhere which could put yourself, other road users and pedestrians in danger could see road users charged for careless driving. 

In severe cases when road users are put at serious risk road users could be charged with dangerous driving. 

This could see fines rise to £5,000 with drivers issued up to nibe penalty points and even a temporary driving ban. 

Neil Worth, spokesman for GEM Motoring Assist has encouraged motorists to check their Highway Code knowledge to ensure they do not put themselves at risk of getting a penalty. 

He added: “After all, there is a safety reason why our laws are there, and the more we all know about our driving environment and the rules in place to keep us safe, the less we are likely to fall foul of them.”

Published at Thu, 11 Jun 2020 13:44:00 +0000