Motorists warned against buying and selling used cars under lockdown for this reason

Motorists warned against buying and selling used cars under lockdown for this reason

Buying a car under the current restrictions is a “grey area” with it being considered a non-essential journey for many motorists. There are some exceptions in place for key workers on the frontline but experts are warning against sales for the time being. 

Speaking to, Tom Leathes, spokesperson for vehicle selling site said: “It’s extremely difficult to do car transactions during the lockdown.”

He added: “The transport restrictions mean it’s in a kind of grey area as to whether it is even allowed, is it an essential journey basically or not?

“Where it’s come out is if you’re a key worker and you need to sell your car in order to get another one to travel then it’s OK, but generally it’s not.

“Our advice is to wait, we’re hopefully expecting that the restrictions will begin lifting in the coming weeks.”

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However, even if sellers can find a buyer, experts are urging road users to hold off until after lockdown measures are lifted. 

Mr Leathes claims used car sales fell to around 3,000 in April in figures massively down from around one million per month. 

He confirmed the UK car industry had suffered due to the lockdown and pushed drivers to use their time wisely to secure the highest price. 

Mr Leathes told “While it may be possible to find a buyer for your car at the moment, the chances of you doing that in a hassle free and safe way is quite difficult

He added: “What you can do is maximise your chances of getting the best possible deal once restrictions lift.”

Mr Leathes claims motorists can use the lockdown to conduct thorough research intro exactly how much their vehicle is worth.

Road users can study how much identical cars have previously sold for to set a target price sellers should chase when negotiating a deal.  

Drivers should also spend time getting their car prepared by making it as clean as possible and updating essentials such as changing a vehicle’s oil. 

Mr Leathes warns motorists can lose profit in the transaction if simple errors are made in the presentation stage. 

Preparing all relevant V5 documentation is also essential during the lockdown so sellers are not caught out with any missing forms. 

Motorists who are desperate to sell during the lockdown may still be able to buy are warned they could find it harder than usual. 

He told “You can absolutely sell privately on AutoTrader or eBay. It’s harder but you can get a good deal.

“You can also part exchange with your local dealership. If you have a trusted dealer that you know well you can alway drop them a line now in lockdown and say you’re thinking of selling and see what they’re offering you.”

Published at Sun, 03 May 2020 12:01:00 +0000