MOT’s and coronavirus: When is the new MOT deadline? What you need to know

MOT’s and coronavirus: When is the new MOT deadline? What you need to know

As the UK is currently under lockdown people are being told to stay at home. You should only travel if it is absolutely essential, such as if you are a key worker or are buying essential goods like medicine.

When is the MOT deadline?

The rules regarding MOT tests have changed due to coronavirus.

If your MOT is due to expire on March 29, 2020 or before, you must book an MOT as usual.

However, do not take your car for an MOT if you or someone you live with has coronavirus symptoms, or you’re extremely vulnerable to the virus.

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Instead you must stay at home and follow the Government’s guidance on what to do if your MOT runs out.

If your MOT is due from March 30, it will automatically be extended for six months due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This means you will need to get your MOT done within this period before the end of six month extension.

Although the MOT extension will be a relief to many drivers, Karen Rotberg from BookMyGarage told the MOT extension “may not be as straightforward” as you think.

She said: “With so many cars now going unchecked for over a year, it is imperative that you ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy, for the safety of yourself and others.

“You may also be fined £2,500, with three points on your licence, if caught driving a car deemed unsafe.”

She added: “So how do you make sure it’s safe? Around 20 percent of MOT failures are a result of the vehicle’s lights or signalling issues, other common issues are relating to the windscreen wipers, seat belts and tyre tread.

“These are quite simple to check yourself and we have put together a tutorial video to explain how.


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“But if you are unsure, we recommend having a mechanic check your car for you.

“It has been confirmed that MOTs and routine servicing can still go ahead during this 6 month exemption period.

“We would encourage all key workers and motorists using their cars for essential travel at the moment, who are not sure how safe their vehicle is, to book their car in for an MOT and/or service.

“Most garages are now also offering a ZERO contact collect and return option for further peace of mind.”

What do drivers need to know about their cars at this time?

Christopher Woolsey, Head of Customer Care Operations at Vauxhall Motors, told “As we enter British Summer Time, many motorists do not realise summer heat can be just as hard on cars as the chill of winter.

“While we strongly recommend that you follow Government guidance regarding travel during this time, the following general tips will help keep your car on the road if your journey is essential.

“To keep your car safe and economical, we recommend checking tyre pressures once every two weeks and also that the tyre tread depth is above the legally-required 3mm.

“We also advise that you often check that all your lights are working and that windscreen washer reservoir is topped up. Also, check the oil and coolant levels once a week.

“We also strongly recommend that you do not ignore any warning lights.

“Take your vehicle to the nearest approved repairer as soon as possible, if one appears.

“A common sense tip is to make sure that you have enough fuel in your tank (or charge in your battery if you drive an electric vehicle) to complete your trip before you set out.

“Finally, we would advise making sure that you are covered by one of the roadside assistance services available, in case of a breakdown.”

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