Mrs Hinch fan cleans her filthy patio with £1 cleaning product

Mrs Hinch fan cleans her filthy patio with £1 cleaning product

Mrs Hinch loves to share her cheap cleaning finds that work wonders when cleaning her Essex home. Fans of the cleaning guru have recently started sharing their own cleaning finds on Facebook groups. One woman has shared how she completely transformed her patio using a £1 cleaning cream loved by Mrs Hinch.

Taking to the Facebook group ‘Hinch Army Cleaning Tips’, a woman shared how she cleaned her patio using a cheap cleaning product.

She explained how she wanted to clean her grubby outdoor area but didn’t have anything powerful enough like a jet wash to clean it with.

The cleaning fan wrote: “I don’t have a jet wash so used cleaner and brush and scrubbed. Not bad for a mornings work. Before and after!”

She then shared before and after photos of her patio. The first photo showed her dirty marked patio with lots of stains. The after photo revealed a perfectly clean patio, stain free which showed the true colour of the stone.

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“Shake bottle before use. If in doubt always test on an inconspicuous area.

“Apply cream onto a damp soft cloth or sponge.

“Wipe over and rinse off with clean water. Buff with a clean dry cloth.

“Our versatile liquid cream cleaner for hard surfaces is tough on stains, penetrates and removes grease and grime, leaving shiny clean results using 100 per cent natural cleaning particles.”

The Pink Stuff paste has been raved about on social media since Mrs Hinch shared that she used it to clean many items in her home, including her hob.

Sophie applies a generous amount of The Pink Stuff onto her hob and then leaves it to sit for a few minutes.

She will then rinse it with a wet cloth to reveal a stain-free, shiny hob.

The Pink Stuff can also be used to clean sinks and work surfaces, again leaving the product to work for a few minutes before wiping it away with a wet cloth.

The Pink Stuff paste is one of her favourite cleaning products and it can be picked up for as little as £1.

It is available to purchase in stores like B&M and Home Bargains.

Published at Tue, 16 Jun 2020 02:00:00 +0000