Mrs Hinch fan shares shock warning on how not to clean your washing machine

Mrs Hinch fan shares shock warning on how not to clean your washing machine

Household cleaning has become more of a hobby than a chore in recent years thanks to influencer Mrs Hinch. The Instagram star, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has made cleaning cool with videos showing how she gets her home sparkling. The Essex-based star has even written books detailing her top cleaning tips and advice, which often include using everyday items to get your home shining. 

However, it’s a trick that isn’t loved by washing machine engineers, according to a new post. 

Writing in the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook, one user shared a warning against using vinegar in the machine. 

The Hincher revealed that she had just had her washing machine serviced and was told to pass some important information on. 

In fact, she said that the engineer “pleaded” with her to tell fellow Hinchers not to use white vinegar in the washing machine. 

But while she also warned it could cause damage to the machine, the Mrs Hinch fan also said that ignoring the advice could affect the warranty. 

“Most people don’t realise that using vinegar in a new machine will invalidate any warranty and can be deemed as wilful damage.  

“He is an independent washing machine engineer who does work for Miele, Bosch and Hotpoint etc and the warranty clause applies to all.”

The group has nearly 600,000 followers and they were quick to comment on the shocking news. 

One disagreed with the advice and posted: “Think it’s how much you use. Heavy handedness of any product can cause issues. I clean my machine with soda crystals and white vinegar.”

They added that they didn’t have any issues and had been doing it for years. 

Another was grateful for the advice and replied “Thank you so much for sharing,” as the post received hundreds of responses.  

Another added her own experience: “I can vouch for this today as I’ve just soaked some metal nail clippers in vinegar trying to remove some rust – they went black!”

Published at Sat, 08 Aug 2020 14:08:41 +0000