Mrs Hinch fan shares unusual ‘magic’ item that removed months of grime from her oven

Mrs Hinch fan shares unusual ‘magic’ item that removed months of grime from her oven

Oven cleaning is often not carried out as regularly as it should be which can cause food particles and grime to build up inside the oven and on the doors. This can then be very hard to remove due to more and more grime building up on top of it over time. Mrs Hinch fans often share their oven cleaning hacks onto their Facebook groups but one cleaning fanatic has labelled this trick as ‘magic’.

Mrs Hinch is a well known social media cleaning sensation who rose to fame after sharing quick and easy cleaning hacks onto her Instagram page.

She regularly updates her followers with new cleaning products and items she has found that makes cleaning her Essex home a lot easier.

This has inspired thousands of Hinch fans to set up their own social media pages to rave about their own cleaning finds and products with one another.

One Mrs Hinch fan has shared how she managed to remove a lot of dirt and grime from her oven using this one cheap item that can be picked up for as little 80p in most shops.

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However other cleaning fans rushed to the comments to ask questions regarding the pumice stone and how the woman used it on her oven.

One fan commented: “Do you just use it directly onto the oven? Has never thought of using it as would’ve thought it would scratch it! Oven looks amazing!”

The woman replied and explained: “Yes. I just put hot water and vinegar mix all over the oven for maybe 5 minutes, then I wet the pumice stone and always test a small spot. It has never scratched yet! I love it!!”

Another cleaning fanatic wrote: “I second that! Used the Pumice stone on mine yesterday and the clean glass shocked me! Lol I was careful, as my inside is a purplish blue and it would show if scratched and it worked great!!”

The Pink Stuff paste is one of Sophie’s favourites and it can be used to clean many household items.

It has a thick, paste consistency that can be used on different household items.

Raving about the miracle Pink Stuff paste on the Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks she said: “So had to clean the oven door today and I’ve tried everything to clean it and nothing worked so I got the pink stuff paste and oh my god its brilliant.

“Best thing I’ve ever used, I’m using it on everything I can.”

The photos also showed a clean hob which she cleaned using The Pink Stuff along with a scourer and microfibre cloth.

The miracle cleaning paste can be picked up in shops like B&M and Home Bargains for as little as £1.

Published at Tue, 30 Jun 2020 02:00:00 +0000