Mrs Hinch fans bathroom tile cleaning hack will remove mould and grime build up

Mrs Hinch fans bathroom tile cleaning hack will remove mould and grime build up

Mrs Hinch is a Instagram cleaning sensation who is well known for her cheap, quick cleaning hacks. She posts regularly on her social media to reveal any hacks that she has found while cleaning her Essex home. Fans have now set up Facebook pages to share their own cleaning finds with each other, and one Mrs Hinch fan has shown how to remove mould and grime from the grout in the bathroom.

Using a toothbrush may also be used to get precise application but this may take longer.

The after photo showed the tiles looking sparkling with the grout completely clean and white.

One cleaning fan commented saying that the tiles looked like they had just been put in the bathroom and how they looked good as new.

Another woman replied to the photos and said: “Did mine the other day! Think i got about 30years worth of grime up.”

The product can also be used on a variety of different surfaces including stainless steel taps, stainless steel sink and has also been seen to remove grime from the bottom of a saucepan.

Mrs Hinch herself has been seen to use the Pink Stuff paste on her oven and hobs. She says that she leaves the paste to sit for a few minutes and then she will wipe it away with one of her favourite cleaning pads, known as a Minky to reveal her sparkling kitchen.

According to Star Brands, the company behind the Pink Stuff, the cleaner is a : “Hardworking, cream cleaner designed to help you remove stains from around the home whilst being gentle on surfaces.

Previously, a woman revealed that she used the paste to remove rust from her old radiator.

Another user shared how she managed to clean her white trainers with the Pink Stuff and they came out looking brand new.

The company has since bought out different varieties of the Pink Stuff.

There is now a multi-purpose cleaner which fans have taken to Facebook to reveal how great it is for cleaning kitchen surfaces.

There is also a cream cleaner too which many have used to clean her electric hobs.

Published at Mon, 18 May 2020 02:00:00 +0000