Mrs Hinch shares simple way to clean dirty plates with this surprising method

Mrs Hinch shares simple way to clean dirty plates with this surprising method

Cleaning has become an essential part to people’s lives in recent months as many attempt to keep bacteria and viruses out of the home. Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe is the Instagram cleaning sensation who inspires millions to clean their homes. She shares cheap time saving cleaning hacks that have proven to be very popular amongst her ‘Hinch Army’ however her most recent one has sparked debate within the community.

The mum of one took to Instagram to reveal her method of washing the dishes with her 3.4 million followers.

She surprised fans when she told fans that she never soaks or washes dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.

The debate started after she said that her husband tried to soak a dirty dish in the sink after they had eaten dinner but she revealed that the dirty marks would simply come off in the machine.

Taking to Instagram to ask her fans thoughts she said: “Settle a debate guys, what is the point in soaking something or washing it up if it’s going to go in the dishwasher? I don’t get it!

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The only time you may need to scrub a dish or even soak it is if there are any stubborn stains that cannot be removed with any other method.

Other Mrs Hinch fans have revealed how they use a dishwasher tablet to remove dirt from pots, pans and dishes.

You can remove stains from pots by pouring boiling water into them and leaving them to boil on the stove.

Next you can add a dishwasher tablet into the water and leave it to simmer for around an hour.

You should keep checking if the water level is high enough and should top it up if it needs to be. This should leave your pots and pans sparkling clean and stain free.

Many other fans have also shared their cleaning tips on how to remove the dirt that has appeared on the outside of pots and pans, and Mrs Hinch also uses this technique too.

Cleaning fanatics have recommended The Pink Stuff paste to clean inside and outside of pots and pans as well as other places in the home like the sink, cleaning rack and in the bathroom.

The Pink Stuff paste is also one of Mrs Hinch’s favourite products and it has a thick paste consistency that can be purchased for as little as £1.

One fan revealed that she added an ample amount of the cleaning product to the bottom of a pan that had become burnt and dirty from the amount of times she had used it and never washed it.

She then left the product to work for a few minutes before scrubbing the left-over product away to reveal stain free pots and pans.

The bottom of pots and pans is not often a place that people think to clean but you should be careful when cleaning the inside with Pink Stuff as it is quite abrasive and you don’t want the pans to lose their non-stick.

Mrs Hinch recently shared that she used the product to clean her electric hob. Similarly, she added a scoop of the paste onto her hob and left it to work for a few minutes. She then scrubbed the hob with a microfibre cloth to share her sparkling clean hob.

It is important to use a microfibre cloth when using it to clean a hob because other cleaning cloths that are more abrasive could scratch the work surface.

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