Mrs Hinch

Mrs Hinch

Mrs Hinch has many different favourite cleaning products that she recommends to her fans online. From cleaning clothes to cleaning products, Sophie shares cleaning tips and tricks which her fans have become to love.

The cleaning fanatic added that this is her new favourite since buying three Minkys, from three different retailers, all of which fell apart after using them to clean.

She continued: “I got this £1.29 from Home Bargains…Washed it at least five times and it’s never fallen apart or lost it’s shape/texture. Definitely worth a try.”

The M Cloth comes in at around £1.21 cheaper and fans have claimed it to be better and more durable.

When Mrs Hinch first shared the M Cloth online, fans frantically tried to get their hands on one causing the website to crash and the product to immediately sell out as soon as it was restocked.

While a Minky cloth might not be a favourite among cleaning fanatics, Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning paste definitely remains a firm favourite.

The Pink Stuff Paste is a versatile cleaning product that retails for as little as £1 and has been used to transform many Hinch fans appliances.

One fan shared how she cleaned her oven with the paste and it turned out looking good as new.

Raving about the miracle Pink Stuff paste on the Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks she said: “So had to clean the oven door today and I’ve tried everything to clean it and nothing worked so I got the pink stuff paste and oh my god its brilliant.

“Best thing I’ve ever used, I’m using it on everything I can.”

Mrs Hinch also uses the product on her oven and uses it to scrub down her hob with her favourite cleaning pad.

It can be purchased from retailers like B&M and Home Bargains and remains a firm favourite among Hinch fans and Mrs Hinch herself.

Published at Fri, 05 Jun 2020 02:00:00 +0000