Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products are BACK in stock at Poundshop

Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products are BACK in stock at Poundshop

Mrs Hinch loves to share cleaning hacks with cheap cleaning products that she has discovered. With cleaning more important than ever in an attempt to keep the home clean and germ free, Mrs Hinch has shared how she keeps her home sparkling clean.

Inspiring her 3.4 million Instagram followers, Sophie recently shared her order which was packed with her favourite cleaning products.

Among her order was cleaning sprays and cloths as well as her favourite toilet cleaner.

Posting on Instagram, Mrs Hinch wrote: “Ok, so let’s see what I bought from @onlinepoundshop guys. I spent around £40 but it was a few days ago when I put my order in so I can’t actually remember what I bought myself, so this will be interesting.”

Not long after posting her haul, Sophie revealed that the website had actually crashed because of all her fans wanting to try some of the cleaning bargains.

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She also revealed that she was low on her essentials like White Vinegar Spray, Mould & Mildew Blaster and Cif Outdoor Multipurpose Cream.

Sophie uses Stardrops White Vinegar Spray to clean her jewellery.

She starts by pouring half a cup of the white vinegar into a bowl and adds two tablespoons of baking soda into the solution which makes it fizz.

Three hours later, she rinses each item in water and then dried them with a microfibre cloth to reveal sparkling clean jewellery.

This is one of the cheapest products Mrs Hinch uses costing around 75p but fans of Mrs Hinch have found the product for as little as 19p in retailer Aldi.

The Cif Outdoor Multipurpose Cream is one of the best ways to restore garden furniture and children’s play equipment.

Costing just £1 it can remove tough dirt and leave outdoor furniture sparkling clean.

Another favourite that was seen in Mrs Hinch’s cleaning haul was Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Cleaner.

Again retailing at just £1, Sophie says that this is one of the best toilet cleaners that she has ever used.

It has a powerful formula that eliminates germs and limescale while leaving a pine scent which will help leave your bathroom smelling fresh for hours.

Published at Wed, 10 Jun 2020 02:00:00 +0000