Nation DIVIDED on whether Boris eased coronavirus lockdown too soon – ‘Let’s be sensible’

Nation DIVIDED on whether Boris eased coronavirus lockdown too soon – ‘Let’s be sensible’

The UK’s coronavirus fatalities shot up yesterday, after the figure had been steadily declining in recent weeks. Weekend figures are usually markedly lower than those recorded mid-week, but Saturday saw the death toll rise by 148 – more than double the number who died from the virus seven days ago and more than triple that of Friday.

As a result, asked its readers whether they thought Boris Johnson had lifted the country’s lockdown measures too soon.

Readers were asked: “After horrifying deaths statistic, did UK ease lockdown too early?”

The poll was carried out from 12-6pm on July 12 and saw 1,648 people respond.

But respondents appear to have been deeply split on the matter, with a 48-51 split in favour of the Government’s handling of the pandemic.

Just over half, 51 percent (851 people) voted “no”, with 48 percent of respondents (772 people) voting “yes”.

One percent (25 people) opted for “don’t know”.

People took to the comments to explain why they voted each way, with many suggesting the responsibility of the virus now lies with the individual.

One person wrote: “No the lockdown has not ended too early, the lack of enforcement of law and order, for the last few weeks, is the problem.”

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But others criticised the Government and went as far as to say the lockdown was not introduced quick enough to start with.

One person said: “Not only was lockdown eased too early, but it was also started too late.

“The Government should have stopped thousands of people coming into the country months ago.”

Another user wrote: “More importantly, Boris failed utterly in the beginning.”

Published at Sun, 12 Jul 2020 17:58:00 +0000